Breathing Freely

Saturday, July 11th 4 – 6pm

*Class will be held Virtually via Zoom if in-person classes are still not possible by this date* 

Pre-registration Required HERE



Uncover bracing and holding patterns that inhibit your breath and body.

Discover a Freer, More Easeful YOU. 



“Relaxed . . . Peaceful . . . Restored . . . Aware . . . Grounded . .

Teary-Eyed Happy at Feeling so Much Better…”

* Just some of what participants shared during the Breath and Your Body workshop *


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 In Addition to the 2hr. Workshop – You Receive:

– An audio breath exercise to practice at home

– Coupon toward a private session


Investment in Your Wellbeing: $30



This Interactive, Experiential Workshop:

– Focuses on breathing mechanics, therapeutic breath and movement exercises.

– Exploring the connections between breathing patterns and stress, tension, pain or anxiety.

– Offers tools to nourish relaxation, cultivate greater awareness and allow for change.


You Will Gain Awareness:

– of the connections between body, breath and mind, learning tools to break the cycle of feeling rigid, tense or anxious in your body, mind, and life.

–  of the anatomy and mechanics of breathing, helping you move and breath with more ease.
– to unwind physical tension (like jaw clenching or shoulder tightness or pain) so you feel more free and able to experience your life ~ and the things you love to do ~  more fully.
– around how thoughts, emotions and the physical body can perpetuate cycles of tension, without realizing it, PLUS how to reverse it.

We Will Explore: 

– restorative and slow, small therapeutic movements that will make you feel relaxed, open, and provide you some immediate relief.
– breath awareness exercises that you can do any time to feel more present, centered, and calm in the midst of “life” happening around you.
– the use of mudra and mantras for reducing tension and anxiety.
– anatomy through images, skeleton models and individual and group exercises so you are empowered by a better understanding of your unique body and how it functions at its best.


“This workshop has changed my life. Everyone should take this!” ~ T. V.

“I’m noticing more about how and where I’m breathing throughout my days. I’m not usually that interested in anatomy, but the diagrams and anatomical drawings of the body really helped connect the dots and I now understand what goes on in my body while I breathe. My breath feels free and I’m much more aware of myself, which I’m loving.” ~ D. L.