Movement As Medicine

Movement As Medicine

Functional Therapeutic Yoga 


Mondays (starting Oct. 2nd) ~  6 – 7:15pm @ Embodied

Created to help any student with pain and tension that is commonly experienced (Hips, Shoulders, Back and Neck, to name a few) AND for students interested in a movement practice that will improving other activities they love to do.

Are you interested in an educational class setting where you’ll learn about your body, be invited to ask questions and welcomed to share what you notice?

Then this class is for you!

Each week, we focus on isolating and paying attention to a specific part of the body. This class draws on functional therapeutic yoga movements that “reverse engineer” yoga poses.


 “Reverse engineer.”…What’s that?

The emphasis is placed on the HOW rather than the WHAT. Instead of putting your body into the shape of a pose and the pose being the goal – we break down How Your Body Is Built To Move as it relates to that pose, taking into consideration that we each have unique ways of moving.

The movements start smaller and slower – exploring body mechanics and how that relates to any tension, strain, pain, and/or stress you may have held in the body.

You will build strength, increase range of motion, flexibility and understand your body better. All of which is needed to reduce and prevent injuries. In addition, you will learn how to take this information outside of a class setting and implement it into your daily life.

Since our body’s are not just a machine with isolated moving parts,  somatic movement exercises are also explored to help you become more conscious of these connections that ripple through our bodies.

Let’s take “tight hips”  as an example.

 Pigeon Pose may look like a great pose to stretch those hips out.

What’s actually required of the pelvis and leg bone (which makes up the hip joint) to get into that pose efficiently and safely? We’ll explore isolated movements that free up how the leg moves in the hip socket. Looking at the photo above – there’s more involved than a hip stretch, so we’ll also notice how other body parts impact how the hip joint functions. We’ll practice variations and be open to the possibility that some poses may not be a helpful pose for everyone – especially if getting there creates tension, breath-holding, strain and/or pain.
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