Emerge Yoga Helps With:

 • Stress and anxiety

• Everyday aches and pains

• Back, knee, hip, shoulder and neck pain and injury

• Pregnancy aches and pains

• Postpartum recovery: vaginal or cesarean birth

• Fibromyalgia

• Arthritis

• Sciatica

• Knee and hip replacement recovery

• Ailments associated with short and long-term illness

• Symptoms of chronic pain




How You Progress:

• Committing to your health and greater wellbeing is the first step.

• Scheduling regular private sessions is the best option for moving toward your individual goals which allows for continuous guidance and support as you practice. Details HERE

• Custom Classes are a great way to continue with your personal work in a semi-private setting. Details HERE

• Group Therapeutic Classes are an excellent way to introduce yourself to some of the principles of this therapeutic approach. Weekly classes are helpful in supplementing your private sessions or as a way to maintain and continue a forward progression after having participated in private sessions.  Details HERE

• The goal is that your practice becomes a part of your daily life, not just when you are in a session or class. When you do this, new patterns of movement and breath become second nature and you notice when your old patterns of compensation begin to knock at your door.


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