PREPARING FOR A VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) *

Create space, time and energy to focus on your current pregnancy and learn tools so you feel ready for your VBAC. Partners welcome. We will work with the options below to create a unique practice that fulfills your needs. You do not have to explore something if it does not feel ok for you.

Physical preparation for the body:

– Movements to help baby descend through the vaginal canal and bones of the pelvis.

– Improving mobility, stability and strength in the areas of your body that are key to childbirth.

– Anatomical education so you understand the path your baby is traveling and how your body is working during labor and birth.

Prepare emotionally, mentally, spiritually:

– Bring awareness to physical, mental and emotional triggers from your previous cesarean birth(s).

– Learn tools for yourself and your partner to calm, ground and center yourself – during pregnancy, labor and birth.

– Explore your relationship with fear, balance, letting go, control, attachment..and more, through the Yamas and Niyamas – Yoga’s ethical practice of how we live our lives.

– Practice mantra, meditation, visualization and breath exercises to ease stress, create calm and positively encourage and enhance your bodies natural birth process.


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 If you carry Blue Cross and Blue Shield and are enrolled in the Better Beginnings program, these therapeutic yoga sessions may be partially covered. Contact BCBS for more information.


* Please note: Working therapeutically to support your VBAC preparation is extremely beneficial. However, Amy LePage and Emerge Yoga does not guarantee that therapeutic yoga will result in a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.*