Therapeutic Yoga




  “Amy has offered a way of working with my body that offsets pain and enables me to break the cycle of holding my muscles tightly and holding my breath from anticipation of pain and from habit.  She has worked with me so my body is learning to breath, relax, soften, and move with reduced pain and stress. I know that this practice has improved my quality of life.”  ~ T. W.

“Meeting Amy later in my pregnancy and doing therapeutic yoga sessions with her has been wonderful. These sessions have helped me think more about my breathing, posture and body movement on a daily basis, allowing me to feel more comfortable in my pregnancy and more relaxed as I approach my labor and delivery.  Her calm, reassuring presence and gentle techniques stay with me throughout the week, and I find that even when I am feeling stressed I’m able to remind myself to breath more fully and slow things down. The simple exercises we work on together have also helped me mentally prepare for the birth of my second child. Having endured a difficult labor with my first child, I feel working with Amy has given me a sense of courage and peace as I try for a VBAC this time around.”  ~ V.K.

My time working with Amy has been the only body work that requires me to be an active participant in my wellbeing, it’s the difference of being worked on verses doing the work. I’ve learned how good it feels to become more aware of my breath and to actually breathe. I’ve learned that the more tension I hold in my body, the less able I am to respond and move well or feel things in my body. Each session left me feeling relaxed and more calm.” ~  L.G.

“My childbirth and immediate postpartum experience were quite a bit different than expected.  I have been working with Amy as a private student through her therapeutic yoga.  It is a wonderful way to carve out a little time for self care, an important (and often overlooked) thing to do as a new mother. It is so wonderful working with Amy on my specific needs, tailored perfectly to my body and emotional needs as well.  Her knowledge of anatomy, pregnancy and postpartum, combined with her calming presence have helped me to remember the importance of slowing down.  Working with Amy is a true pleasure, I look forward to our next session.” ~ E.J.

Amy has encouraged me to accept a gentler view of yoga, and I have found her guidance extremely rewarding. She has encouraged me to explore the many options that she has developed with me and helped me accept that I can listen to my body and adjust my practice accordingly. The practice that she has developed for me works. My core is hugely stronger, and I am pain free.” ~ P.H.

“Her slow and careful approach to exercises, involving small movements and breath helped me begin to move parts of my body that I had been fearful of moving because it might cause further injury. I have gotten more mobility and strength and realize that if I am aware, properly supported and careful, I can move in ways that I thought I could not. Amy listens carefully, explains and demonstrates exercises simply and clearly, and gives clear written instructions to follow.  She is a present, focused practitioner with a calming presence that creates an atmosphere of trust.  In the short period of time that we worked together she helped me overcome some important obstacles to a more mobile physical existence.”   ~ K.S.

The work with Amy has helped me pay better attention to what is happening in my body and to my need for relaxation. She has a quiet gift for making people feel at ease and comfortable. She asks questions and listens closely to the description of my problems and discomforts. Through her words, demonstrations and hands-on approach, she adjusts specific exercises to fit my current state, thinking creatively as she sees what I’m able to do and understand.”   ~ E.S.