Private Pre/Postnatal Sessions


Honor Your Journey – Connect with Your Body – Improve Your Wellbeing

In-Home Postpartum Visit

Baby and partner welcome to join.

 Individualized support to help mom heal from birth and learn self-care

techniques to use while caring for her baby.

– reduce tension, stress and pain from holding and learning to nurse your babe

– Learn supportive nursing positions to minimize body tension, stress and strain (Stress reduction helps with nursing and milk supply).

– A safe space to process your birth story

– Breath techniques to begin healing of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

– Gentle movements for body awareness that help your body heal

– Healing Touch for Babies introduction

– Focused, supportive care for mom during this amazing transition into Motherhood

– Especially helpful if mom is simultaneously recovering from a Cesarean Birth.

– Up to 12 weeks postpartum.

Travel Fees applies depending upon your location 

Please contact me for travel fee details.      (802) 778 – 0300

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Private Pre/Postnatal Sessions

I weave my therapeutic, prenatal and postpartum yoga skill set with my

doula and childbirth education skill set to create a holistic support for expectant and new moms.

Whether you’re preparing for your first birth experience, are in the midst of your postpartum recovery,

or your children are much older – these sessions can help you:

– Release tension and calm anxiousness

– Reduce aches and pains in your body

– Move with greater ease

– Discover breath as a tool for labor, birth, self-care and parenting

– Restore your vital energy and zest for life

– Care for your body, mind, emotions and spirit while caring for you child

–  Navigate depression

– Improve pelvic floor muscle function

– Learn safe, appropriate movements for Diastasis

– Help you connect more fully with yourself, your child, your family

– Grief and Loss Support

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VBAC Preparation

A slightly different approach from a regular prenatal visit,

allowing space and time for processing past cesarean birth(s), expectations,

thoughts, concerns, fear that may affect your upcoming VBAC.

 Birth partners are encouraged to join.

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Postpartum Healing Session and Package


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