Private Therapeutic Yoga

“Amy has offered a way of working with my body that offsets pain and enables me to break the cycle of holding my muscles tightly and holding my breath from anticipation of pain and from habit.  She has worked with me so my body is learning to breath, relax, soften, and move with reduced pain and stress. I am hopeful that this practice will improve my quality of life.”
~ T. W.

“…Another big part of our work together involved core strength and balance. I learned how to use hip and lower abdomen that I definitely was not aware of before my sessions with Amy. These exercises relieved some of the lower back aching that most people (including me) feel as part of getting older. One of the complaints that I had brought to Amy was the terrible shoulder pain I felt when I lost my balance and my body responded by throwing my arms out to regain balance. After a week or so of practicing, I think I felt improvements in my actual balance and in confidence about my balance.”
~ L.M.

“Amy has encouraged me gently to accept a gentler view of yoga, and I have found her guidance extremely rewarding. She has encouraged me to explore the many options that she has developed with me and helped me accept that I can listen to my body and adjust my practice accordingly. The practice that she has developed for me works. My core is hugely stronger, and I am pain free.“
~ P.H.

“Her slow and careful approach to exercises, involving small movements and breath helped me begin to move parts of my body that I had been fearful of moving because it might cause further injury. I have gotten more mobility and strength and realize that if I am aware, properly supported and careful, I can move in ways that I thought I could not. Amy listens carefully, explains and demonstrates exercises simply and clearly, and gives clear written instructions to follow.  She is a present, focused practitioner with a calming presence that creates an atmosphere of trust.  In the short period of time that we worked together she helped me overcome some important obstacles to a more mobile physical existence.”
~ K.S.

“The work with Amy has helped me pay better attention to what is happening in my body and to my need for relaxation. She has a quiet gift for making people feel at ease and comfortable. She asks questions and listens closely to the description of my problems and discomforts. Through her words, demonstrations and hands-on approach, she adjusts specific exercises to fit my current state, thinking creatively as she sees what I’m able to do and understand.”
~ E.S.


Custom Classes

“I found working within a small group class to be an ideal way to do this work.  It felt like an excellent balance between one-on-one guidance and space to explore the exercises on my own.” ~ D.P.

“Truly personalized therapeutic yoga exercises and instruction—plus the communal feeling that comes with a small group setting. It’s the best of both!”  ~ L.M.


Partner Prenatal Yoga: Preparation for Labor and Birth

“I found Amy’s partner prenatal class to be very helpful in learning positions and techniques for keeping Aleks comfortable during labor.  We both really enjoyed the class and  recommend it to anyone  who is looking for an alternative to standard birthing classes. ”
~ Grahm L. (father)

“Amy’s partner pre-natal workshop was extremely helpful, we learned important listening and communication techniques as well as many different postures and support poses that will be helpful for both of us during labor. And Amy is very attentive and encouraging. We wholeheartedly recommend her class to moms-to-be and partners!”
~ Mia & James M.

“The partner prenatal yoga class was a really nice chance to spend some quiet time connecting with my husband.  It allowed us to slow down and enjoy some time being together and also helped us to focus on our baby and the big changes that were about to occur in our lives.  We also learned some great partner postures and ways my husband could support me during labor.”
~ Morgan J. G.

“My husband & I attended Amy’s Partner Prenatal Yoga Workshop in preparation for the birth of our first child.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and anxious at the prospect of a natural birth, so we decided to educate ourselves about yoga and breath work as ways to manage pain.  I loved the way Amy began the class with warm-ups and exercises geared at connecting us as a couple.  That was a theme throughout the class– to use each other as supports, to communicate in ways that will allow both of us to experience the birth fully, to allow the experience to bring us closer together.  The concrete things we learned—breath work, listening to and trusting my own body, vocalization, the use of props and supported postures, massage techniques that my husband can use to help me relax– all of these tools have helped both of us to feel so much more confident and excited about the birthing process.”
~ Sarah & Ben L.


Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga 

“Amy’s prenatal yoga class was fantastic! The class environment was supportive and fun and I used a lot of what we learned in class to help me during labor.  Amy gives enough modifications that you can make the class as challenging as you want or as relaxing as you need.  It was also great just to meet other pregnant ladies!”      ~ B. R.

“I’m so happy I had the opportunity to be part of Amy’s class.  I was able to practice the postures I learned in the class at home on my own when I would wake up feeling stiff and uncomfortable in the morning, which was so helpful.  I enjoyed learning which postures were helpful specifically for pregnant women and also appreciated the opportunity to check in weekly with other moms-to-be: what a nice sense of community.  In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, the breathing techniques and meditation in motion really helped me to become centered and relaxed, which helped me tremendously during labor, as well as in my postpartum adjustment period.”    ~ M. G.
“After many sleepless nights and a constant pain caused by carrying my little one, postnatal yoga class always brings me back to equilibrium, both, mentally and physically. At the same time, I am able to connect with other moms and share this wonderful experience. I love Amy’s baby yoga class so much that I simply adjusted my work schedule around it.”   ~ A. Z.


Empowered Childbirth

“We wanted to extend our sincere thanks for all your time and energy these past few weeks during our childbirth classes.  The information we received was not only extremely helpful, but brought to the forefront an intense feeling of empowerment for the birth of our first child!  We are very grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful educational environment with a pure sense of trust and understanding for each couples wishes and desires throughout there own process.” ~ Matt and Anna R.