Props / CD

Restore and Renew: Relaxation for Moms CD:

 If you are out of the US, please contact me for shipping details for the CD:

  Audio CD  –  $18 

– Two gentle movement & breath sessions, roughly 30 min. each.

– Booklet with pictures of each pose.

– Helpful tips on practicing at home

CD Review:

“Your CD has reminded me to take care of myself  during the day to day routines – which can be exhausting! I have done it when Olive is sleeping and while she is awake. Like most things, it is easier when she is sleeping, but she does enjoy doing it with me. It’s been great to have – helping to keep me relaxed and focused on something that’s good for me!”    ~ M.L.

“Thank you Amy for my ‘before bedtime’ relaxation. Your voice is clear and easy to follow.  The practice was smooth and perfect to get my body and mind ready for rest!”  ~ P.K.

“Your cd reminds me to slow down, take the time for myself and breath. Your voice is so clear and calming that I often feel like I’m with you and not in my own home. My two year old has learned which props I need for each pose. Your cd has given me not only relaxation and release from mom duties, but also the inspiration to begin a home practice again. Thank you!” ~ B.K.