Prenatal Yoga                belly

*Currently a Virtual Class on Zoom in your own living room*

Tuesday’s 6 – 7:15pm ~ Embodied – 7 Main St.  ~  Montpelier ~ 2nd floor studio (Formerly Yoga Mountain Studio)

Drop-In $16 – Class Cards offered which reduce the individual class rate. 

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A regular prenatal yoga practice greatly benefits you and your baby. This class, gentle and nurturing for all stages of pregnancy, goes beyond modifying yoga poses for your changing body.

Amy draws on her Yoga Therapist background to include functional body mechanics, stress relief, pelvic floor health, comfort measures and movements to reduce discomfort associated with different stages of pregnancy. Amy weaves her Childbirth Education, Birth/Postpartum Doula Training and Somatic Movement studies to create a holistic and empowering experience that prepares you physically, mentally and emotionally for labor, birth and postpartum.



“ A huge thank you for the excellent preparation! Your prenatal yoga class was invaluable in preparing my body and especially my mind to deal with labor in the most healthy way. “ – Anna

“I practiced the postures I learned in class at home when I woke up feeling still and sore. The breathing techniques and meditation in motion really helped me become centered and relaxed, which helped me tremendously during labor and while adjusting to motherhood!” – Morgan

“Amy’s prenatal yoga class was fantastic! The class environment was supportive and fun and I used a lot of what we learned in class to help me during labor. Amy gives enough modifications that you can make the class as challenging as you want or as relaxing as you need.” – Bradley


Pre/Postnatal Somatic Series

To Be Offered Again Fall 2020

Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. As your babe grows and your body shifts, there is literally a change in your structure.

The slow, gentle, detailed somatic neuromuscular movement therapy helps to unwind chronic muscles tension that creates pulls on your structure (your bones), helping to reduce discomfort and pain. It can also aid in improved uterine alignment. How? Your uterus is a muscle, attached to your pelvis, and is susceptible to being “pulled” off center by other chronically tight muscles. (the drawing above does not show the ligament attachments to the pelvis).

By building awareness and exploring these neuromuscular exercises, your body’s function and alignment improves – which also aids your internal alignment.
This somatic and therapeutic movement practice also empowers you to learn how to take better care of yourself during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond – reducing stress, anxiety and building deep awareness.

This class is ideal for any stage of pregnancy and postpartum.



cat-cow-postnatalPostnatal Yoga  

   * Offered Virtually in your own living room! Don’t need to pack up your little one!*

Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:30am  ~ Embodied – 7 Main St.  ~  Montpelier ~ 3rd floor studio (Formerly Yoga Mountain Studio)

Sign up here    Email Amy with any questions:

Drop-In $13 – 5 Class Card for $60 

Move and breathe…with your baby! Amy offers a relaxed class environment providing self-care techniques and lots of options for the different stages of postpartum. She shares her knowledge of pelvic floor health, core awareness, stress relief and therapeutic functional movement. This class is a great opportunity to come together with other new parents to nurture, strengthen and support your postpartum journey (and sleep deprived, achy bodies). We welcome you and babes to come as you are (over-tired, in your pj’s, not sure if your little one will be awake, asleep or crying)– to a supportive, safe and caring environment. Come! Get out of the house and be with others, let your little ones meet other babies and remember what it’s like to take a few moments for yourself!


“It’s a chance to unwind and take care of myself. I’m learning how to interact with my babe while doing yoga – while learning movements that are helpful for her and feel good for me.” – Wendy

“Everything is an offering – Amy provides lots of options and flexibility to do what you need. I feel I can really take home and try what we’ve done in class.” – Joanna

“After many sleepless nights and a constant pain caused by carrying my little one, postnatal yoga class always brings me back to equilibrium, both, mentally and physically. At the same time, I am able to connect with other moms and share this wonderful experience.” – Aleks