Pregnancy & Postpartum Breast Care

Birthing Year Breast Care

Manual Lymph Drainage, Movement and Breath

Sunday, February 18th ~ 10am – 12pm

$20 – $35 Sliding Scale

Co-facilitated by Hannah Rohloff and Amy LePage

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Emerge with Amy LePage
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Montpelier VT 05602
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Postpartum is a time when there tends to be limited movement and long bouts of static positions as you hold and feed your little one. This is often accompanied by a hunched over position which limits breathing and creates a lot of tension – resulting in sore neck, shoulders and back… and more!

The Lymphatic System also relies on ease of body movement and breath to aid in lymph flow and return.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a very gentle technique used to improve lymphatic flow through the body as well as aid in re-routing congested and blocked lymphatic areas. There are lymph nodes in and around the breast tissue that help drain the breast. A regular home practice of Breast MLD helps the body reduce stress, improve well being, encourage breast health – whether breast or bottle feeding – and may positively impact milk production as well. Learning this self care routine can help with breast engorgement and discomfort whether you choose to breastfeed or are looking to support your body postpartum. Starting this practice early during pregnancy helps prepare your breasts for the changes associated with pregnancy.

Movement and Breath practices also help calm and settle the nervous system – which reduces tension and stress. Releasing tension allows the body to move better – including the muscles involved in respiration. Which means a more relaxed, fuller breath is possible. When this happens the belly expands and releases with each breath. Learning how to breathe properly is one of the ways lymph is encouraged to move more freely in the body.

This Class is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!