Proactive Postpartum Care

Proactive Postpartum Care

Postpartum Healing, Self Care, Stress Relief & More


Honoring Your Postpartum

Package Available – See Below 

This whole-body approach acknowledges your body’s amazing journey through pregnancy and birth by honoring the importance of your postpartum recovery.

Somatic & Functional Therapeutic Yoga are simple, effective and gentle movement and breath exercises that build your core awareness, strength and stability through slower, smaller movements you can do during various parts of your day. You don’t need to carve out a designated time or set up a yoga space.

Once your babe is born – moms needs are pretty low on the list – AND that isn’t very sustainable…

Incorporate healing, self-care, stress relief and deep core awareness into your life with babe. Educate yourself about habitual movements that exacerbate your body issues. Learn how to return to your regular activities in a healthful, supportive way.

* * * * 

Postpartum ~ 1 – 6 weeks

(available as a Skype session or in person)

Breathing exercises for stress relief

Gentle pelvic floor awareness to help your tissues heal

Subtle movement that relieves shoulder, back and neck tension without stressing your healing body

Yoga Nidra to rejuvenate from lack of sleep

Self-Care during all the holding, rocking, feeding, carrying

* Partner or friend can join to practice with you – so they know how to encourage you to take care of yourself after this session. Plus – It’s helpful for them too!

* * * * 

Postpartum ~ 6 weeks and Beyond!

(In my office – in your home – or possible via Skype)

Emerge’s layered approach still focuses on gentle, mindful movement that stimulates the layers of core muscles that are evoked through functional movement.

Sessions are tailored to your needs and generally include some focus on:

Pelvic floor health

Diastasis Understanding and Care

Core Exercises to Gain Stability

Awareness Exercises to limit habitual actions that exacerbate body issues

Establishing self care that IS doable

Babe’s welcome – partner welcome

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Investment in You & Your Baby

Individual Session – $70 / hr.  – or – $90/ 1.5 hr.

* Sliding Scale available 

* Mileage fee applies for home visits

Honoring Your Postpartum – Package Rate

One  – 1/Hr. Postpartum 1 – 6 Week Session (via Skype or in your home)

Two – 1/Hr. Postpartum 6 Weeks and Beyond! Sessions (in your home, my office or via Skype)


 * mileage rate applies for home visits