Pelvic Floor and Core Workshop

Pelvic Floor & Core Workshop

Workshop Date:
November 10th ~ 9:30 – 12
Montpelier (10 minutes from downtown)
*Private Sessions available


A healthy, supple pelvic floor provides support for your entire body and play a role in your deep, core stability. “Core” is about way more than your abs.  This workshop is for anyone who is having pelvic floor challenges – no matter your age- not matter if you’ve had children, no matter your gender. Improving your knowledge, awareness and function of your pelvic floor and core is an important part of your health and wellbeing. We will discuss how stressors on the pelvic floor and deep core stabilizers (pregnancy, birth, injury, surgery) impacts pelvic floor and core health.

Workshop Will Include: 
Visuals of the Anatomy and Function through models, drawings and video animations
  Movement, Breath and Visualization Explorations
 Gentle exercises to support you in learning engagement and release of the pelvic floor and deep core muscles.
A whole-body perspective of core and pelvic floor health

Discover a more Easeful, Stable, Supple and Dynamic Engagement
with Your Body, Your Breath…Your Life.

Home Studio ~  Montpelier ~ Directions sent once you register
Max 8 participants

To register – email and then make a check out to Emerge with Amy LePage for $45
(Sliding-Scale option $35 – $45)
Snail Mail to:

Emerge with Amy LePage
153 Elm St. Suite #1
Montpelier VT 05602