Nurture You Sessions

Nurture You Sessions



There’s no one tugging at your sleeve, needing your attention or

wanting anything from you once you step through the door.

* Sessions are being offered via Zoom currently – Office will re-open shortly*

In a supportive, comforting and nurturing space, you’ll receive focused, caring, somatic attention. At the end of your session you’ll have time for some quiet reflection in writing if you’d like.

Each session is tailored to your specific needs – stress reduction, guided breath practice, gentle passive and active movement, restoration, increasing core stability, simple meditation practices, gentle movements to help aching body parts and support as you slow down, re-connect and say hello to yourself. Think of it as a mini retreat for the mind, body and soul.

Enjoy the easily accessible office with free, on-site parking in a quiet location in downtown Montpelier.


One Hour – $75

One Hour and a Half – $115

email to schedule: