I Want My Core Back!

 I Want My Core Back! 



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5 Mom Max.

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Your body goes through an amazing transformation during pregnancy and birth. Let’s honor the amazing work your body has done growing, nourishing and birthing your baby. Give yourselves the special attention you deserve to learn, understand and regain your stability and vitality.


Emerge’s “I Want My Core Back”  focuses on improving stability from the inside out. What does this mean? We slow down, pay attention and focus on movements that target the deeper core stabilizing muscles.  This workshop sheds light on the difference between exercising that requires bracing and forceful movements (creating rigidity and possibly strain which can result in chronic tension and injury) and exercising with a mindfulness, easeful approach that foster true core stability. Resulting in feeling taller, calmer, more “held together”, grounded, innately stronger and more stable.

Slowing down and focusing inward helps you connect with, define and feel an inner strength that radiates throughout your body. This also radiates into other parts of your life – like your connection with your children, partner, friends…

This class is designed for moms and is very suitable for moms with diastasis and pelvic floor issues.


Join me for a 2-hour experiential, educational workshop OR a 1.5 hour private session


email for more information: amy.emergeyoga@gmail.com