Pelvic Floor Empowerment

Pelvic Floor Empowerment

This Workshop is being offered Virtually during COVID 19 

The Elusive and Mega- Important Pelvic Floor! 

Pre-Registeration Required HERE

Workshop Logistics:
January 23rd 4 – 6pm EST
Three Pricing Options based on your financial situation: $25, $30 or $40
Where? In your home via Zoom
Pre-Register HERE
*Private Sessions available*


Discover why these often “not talked about” muscles deserve

just as much attention as all the other muscle groups in your body.

You’ll learn how :

– the pelvic floor muscles work and how to access them

– pain and dysfunction in the body can stem from pf. issues

– strong p.f. muscles are about so much more than doing kegels

– day to day life and physical activities are impacted by your pelvic floor


Having a properly functioning pelvic floor will improve:

– core stability

– performance in sports and workouts

– pleasure

– connection and function to other parts and systems of  your body

– the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience and healing

– help with leaking, prolapse and other p.f. dysfunctions

– your overall wellbeing

This workshop welcomes all gender identities and expressions. You’ll get a crash course in pelvic floor anatomy and function – followed by simple exercises that increase awareness and control of these deep core stabilizing muscles.

Discover a more Easeful, Stable, Supple and Dynamic Engagement
with Your Body, Your Breath…Your Life.