Stress Less Breath Sessions

Stress Less Breath Sessions



Think of it as a mini retreat for the mind, body and soul. A restorative session where you receive hands on support for releasing tension and stress in the body which allows the breath to expand and flow in a natural and organic way.

You’ll be greeted with relaxing music, beautiful art work and tea in our quiet, peaceful waiting room. The “Tree Room” – as our yoga room is called – is a supportive, comforting and nurturing space where you’ll receive focused, caring attention.  At the end of your session you’ll have time for some quiet reflection if you’d like.

You’ll receive a home practice and a small gift will accompany you home to help you reflect on and remember your session until you come again. 

You’ll enjoy the ease of your session before and after from our easily accessible office with free, on-site parking in a quiet location in downtown Montpelier.

45 Minute Session – $55

60 Minute Session – $70

90 Minute Session – $105

Stress Less Breath Session