What Is Somatics?

What is Somatics? 

Emerge’s approach to Private Clinical Somatics sessions and group somatics classes is based on the work of Thomas Hanna. It’s an active, conscious form of movement that re-educates the muscles, nerves and the brain. That’s right – this movement practice addresses how our unique nervous system is telling us to use our body. 

INCREASE mobility

IMPROVE posture

ENHANCE Coordination


FREE your body & breath

We are used to taking care of our cars, our homes, our finances etc. For many, it’s harder to take care of our bodies. This movement practice, done regularly, not only provides body maintenance – it improves our function and quality of life.


This Somatic work uses movement and deep awareness to re-train the neuro-musculoskeletal feedback loop. Another words: Moving slower and smaller REQUIRES the brain to operate differently, making the nervous system shift out of auto-pilot mode. Engaging and disengaging muscles – while paying attention and noticing what’s happening – the brain begins to recognize when there’s tension locked in the muscular system.

Why is this important?

When our muscles engage (contract) and are continually told by our brain to stay contracted (most of the time we don’t know this is happening – it’s under our awareness) then those muscles are held in a chronic state of tension. This impacts the skeletal system – as well as affecting our stress levels, ability to breathe well and other systems in the body.


The way you move matters – learning to take care of yourself with slow, gentle exercise creates a  practice that allows you to Move Better, Breathe Better and Feel Better….so you can engage with life and the activities you want to do.