Somatics Series

Somatic Movement

2018 Summer Series


 Deepening Awareness :: Re-awaken Your Body

Three Week Series

Tuesdays ~ 4:40pm – 5:40pm  :: August 7th, 14th & 21st


A neuromuscular movement practice that enhances your quality of movement and your understanding of the vital role movement plays in our lives.  A great addition to any current exercise, sport activity or yoga practice.

Based on the work of Thomas Hanna, this series offers a safe, gentle practice that explores sensing and noticing our internal landscape, unraveling tension and holding patterns while re-educating the communication pathways between the brain and body. This allows for greater Freedom and Function in all the activities you love and want to continue to do throughout your life.

*This subtle movement practice takes place primarily on the floor – if you can’t comfortably be on the floor – please contact Amy before class as there are modifications to meet everyone’s needs*


Cost: $45 (Sliding scale – $35 – $50)
Pre-registration required
(802) 778-0300

Location: The Everything Space – 64 Main Street- 3rd floor – Montpelier

* Folks who have taken somatic movement classes with Amy before can join this class as a drop-in IF there is space available. Email Amy for details. *