Prenatal Yoga                belly

A time to gather with other expecting mothers and delve deeply into your growing, changing body while creating a sacred space to connect with your baby. With time for questions and sharing, each class provides active and restorative postures, therapeutic movement, and breath work that prepare you for the challenging (and rewarding!) work of labor.

Tuesday’s 6 – 7:15pm ~ Yoga Mountain Center – Main Studio 7 Main St.  ~  Montpelier

“Amy’s prenatal yoga class was fantastic! The class environment was supportive and fun and I used a lot of what we learned in class to help me during labor. Amy gives enough modifications that you can make the class as challenging as you want or as relaxing as you need. It was also great just to meet other pregnant ladies!”
~ Bradley Russell


cat-cow-postnatalPostnatal Yoga  

Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:30am  


More than just a Postnatal Yoga class! A reason to get out of your house and join other moms and babes in this sometimes quiet, other times multi-faceted, organic, fun and interactive class.  We welcome moms and babes to come as you are (over- tired, in your pj’s, not sure if your little one will be awake, asleep or crying)– to a supportive, safe, caring environment where you receive:

– Guided movement appropriate for your postpartum stage

–  Breath exploration to help calm and relax

–  Restorative poses for mom

–  Play & touch that fosters babe’s movement, relaxation, development.

–  Supportive connection with other moms

–  Baby interaction with one another

Wednesdays 10:30 – 11:30am – Yoga Mountain Center – 7 Main Street – Main Studio


“After many sleepless nights and a constant pain caused by carrying my little one,
postnatal yoga class always brings me back to equilibrium, both, mentally and physically. At the same time, I am able to connect with other moms and share this wonderful experience. I love Amy’s baby yoga class so much that I simply adjusted my work schedule around it.”
~ Aleksandra Ziva