Somatics Series

Somatic Movement Series:

Discover Your Body’s Dynamic Intelligence




7 Week Series :: $84

Tuesdays ~ 4:40pm – 5:40pm ~ Jan. 2 – Feb. 20th (no class Jan 30th)

Location: The Everything Space – 64 Main Street- 3rd floor – Montpelier

* The Everything Space offers sliding scale when the need arises – 7-week series sliding-scale rate is $60 – $84 *
* Folks who have taken somatic movement classes with Amy before can join this class as a drop-in IF there is space available. Email Amy for details. *

Class Description

This is an excellent class to begin, or get back into, a movement practice. It is also a great addition to any current exercise or yoga practice. This educational class setting will enhance your quality of movement and experience of living in your body. 

RE-EDUCATE your muscles,

TRAIN your brain,

INCREASE mobility

IMPROVE posture

ENHANCE Coordination

REDUCE aches and pain.

This series is based on the Somatic work of Thomas Hanna.

It is a safe, gentle practice that UNRAVELS TENSION in chronically held muscles
– allowing for greater FREEDOM and FUNCTION in all the activities you love and
want to continue to do throughout your life.

AWAKEN your core awareness and EMPOWER yourself  through this educational body experience.

*This subtle movement practice takes place primarily on the floor – if you can’t comfortably be on the floor – please contact Amy before class as there are modifications to meet everyone’s needs*