Amy LePage, Founder of Emerge Yoga, LLC 

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As my life and body needs have shifted throughout the years, my yoga training has delved deeper into the principles of Pure MovementMoving with Ease and Less is More.  

My personal practice and approach to teaching has changed too.  I’ve slowed down – which allows me to turn off the auto-pilot switch and learn to pause, notice and listen in a new way.

The continual practice helps me notice when I push too hard and helps me remember that there’s strength in softness.

I carry this approach and philosophy into my Therapeutic Yoga group classes and private sessions, workshops and retreats. My work with prenatal women and couples as they prepare for and experience labor, birth, postpartum and motherhood is infused with a unique, holistic and highly individualized focus.


My training started at Kripalu, which at the time, resonated with my movement and dance back ground.

After shoulder and hip injuries I was drawn to Susi Hately of Functional Synergy. She, as well as her highly-skilled mentors, have added a depth to my training and learning that has become the foundation for my teaching and personal practice. I am grateful for the challenging, deep and continual learning.

My experience of motherhood actually brought me back to yoga after a long hiatus – and has greatly influenced who and how I teach. I received my Prenatal Yoga Certification and soon after, realized I wanted to learn more ways to support women during this transformative time and completed an excellent doula training.

All of these different aspects of my trainings weave together creating a supportive, strong foundation to meet my myself, my family, my students and clients, and community.

Certifications and Continued Learning:

Kripalu  ~  200 – Hr – 2010

Prenatal Yoga with Barrett Reinhorn  ~  80 – Hr. – 2011

Functional Synergy Therapeutic Yoga  Intensive with Susi Hately ~ 80- Hr. – 2011

Doula Training through Warm Welcome Birth Services with Michelle Le’Esperence ~35 Hr. – 2012

Functional Synergy Therapeutic Yoga Certification with Susi Hately ~  800 – Hr. IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) – 2012 – 2014

Rhythmic Movement Training and Reflex Integration (RMTi)  ~  24-Hr. training in Level 1 and 2 with Sonia Story – 2014

Healing Touch for Babies ~ 16 Hr. training with Rita Kluny – 16 hrs. – 2014

Calm, Stead, Strong: Yoga Therapy Training for People Affected by Cancer ~ with Susi Lately – 2014

Postpartum Doula training through Warm Welcome Birth Services with Michelle Le’Esperence ~ 16 Hr. + – 2015

Brain Gym 101 with Emily Hodus of Tendril Kinetics ~ 18 Hrs.  – 2014

Anatomy in Clay with Joseph E. Muscolino ~ 14 Hrs. – 2015

Somatic Training with Nadine Saxton ~ 21 Hr. – 2015

Tom Meyers – Anatomy Trains – Movement Immersion ~ 24 Hrs. – 2016

Fundamentals of Clinical Somatics – Somatic Systems Institute  ~  14 Hrs. – 2016

Clinical Somatic Education Professional Training – Somatic Systems Institute – 2016 – (end date 2018)


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….

Sending a loving shout out to everyone who has been so supportive as I continue to learn and grow, especially my family.  They have all been – in their own right – amazing teachers.

To my students and private clients – you continue to inform and influence my teaching. Your trust and commitment to better health and well-being is truly a gift to witness.

A grateful thank you to my teachers and mentors who have provided excellent teaching, guidance and support that has greatly impacted my life.